Tuesday, 5 February 2013

INTERIORS - A Brand New Flat

I shall soon be moving into a lovely new flat with my boyfriend and this time it belongs to us, such a great feeling. It means a brand new postcode again. Since arriving in London a few years ago I've gone from SW12 to NW1 to SW2 and now finally I'll be settling in SE19. Crystal Palace really surprised me. It was a lot younger and more fun than I imagined and there are countless great bars and restaurants for us to sample. We had, what was probably, the best curry since I've lived in London which will be a good reason to get all our mates to come visit.

The flat wasn't actually what we were looking for originally. It was smaller than we'd hoped with less storage space and a smaller garden. I'd also said I wouldn't have an open-plan kitchen/diner/living room. But then we walked into this flat and all the things we thought we wanted flew out the window and we just got a good feeling. It was new so didn't have the potential problems of damp and rattly old wooden windows which had been so common in the other properties we'd viewed. Yet it still had its own charm and a bit of character because of the warehouse style.

We've had one big trip to IKEA for new furniture, and I reckon I'll need another for accessories, Now I just can't wait to move in.