Monday, 16 April 2012

HEALTH - Weight Watchers New Supper Club App

It's about time for a Weight Watchers update for you all. How much more have I lost? Well, actually nothing more yet but I have been pretty relaxed over Easter as I had my dad's 50th birthday celebrations and I had a good time! I'm back on track now though and I've given myself an extra challenge. I'm giving up Diet Coke. Yes it may not have calories as such, but I was relying on it far too much to regulate my moods and energy levels. I hope that by cutting it out my body goes back to normal and I can focus more on eating healthily. Wish me luck!

For those looking for Weight Watchers friendly food ideas, you might be interested in the new Weight Watchers Supper Club app on Facebook. You can get great ideas on healthy meals to serve up for your next dinner party. It's also a social experience. There are over 60 recipes to choose from and you can then create a Facebook event for your dinner and invite your friends to let them know what they'll be eating.

Plus, users are encouraged to upload photos afterwards too so you can see how the recipes have turned out for other people. The top creations, as voted each month, will win some Weight Watchers goodies. Check it out.