Saturday, 28 January 2012

THRIFT - Do More With Less Challenge

I was enlisted by and their Most Wanted blog to join their 'do more with less' challenge, a concept that's on most people's minds during the month of January. We are all trying to make up for over-spending at Christmas time, and feeling the pinch from making our pay packets stretch further. On top of that, I went on holiday over Christmas so I've had a nice big credit card bill to pay. It's time to get savvy!

Some people might opt for charity shops, vintage stores, boot sales etc. but actually, there are great deals to be had on the high street too, especially when it comes to homeware.

My approach to this challenge was to focus on what I actually need right now, and staying within the £50 budget. In January it doesn't really make sense to just go for impulse buys, regardless of what a good deal it might be.

I'm time-poor as well as money poor right now so I decided to check out the online sales. Although I work in online retail, I very rarely shop online. Having recently bought a (desperately needed) new bed and mattress in the sales the thing at the top of my shopping list were two extra pillows and a new bed linen set.

I looked around and did some price comparison and then finally opted for the Debenhams sale where I was able to snap up the following...

2 hollowfibre pillows set - £7. with 28 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, this was a bargain buy. At just £3.50 a pillow, these would be perfect for sitting under neath my other two feather pillows that I already have. I've since tried them out and they are light, soft and definitely help me get a good night's sleep, which is the general aim. These aren't about looking pretty.

Green 'Joni Ribbon' bed linen set - Was £75, now £37.50. I love crisp white bed linen, and the green accent and pleats are a nice fresh touch. Again, this product had a 5 star rating through its customer reviews which really helps. The other selling point of this set is that it will fit with different decor, so if I end up moving in 6 months it's not going to look out of place. Yes you can get cheaper sets, but quality is really important with bedding in my eyes, it needs to wash well and feel nice against your skin.

Extra tips... 
  • When shopping online, look at the ratings and reviews for a product. You don't want the hassle of having to send something back because it wasn't quite what you thought
  • Shop when there is free online delivery, or see if there is a collect-from-store service which should be free
  • Keep an eye on any voucher codes sites to see if there's an offer somewhere you are intending to shop, obviously is one to check.
  • Check out the returns policy, if it's free you won't run the risk of extra expenditure if you need to send it back