Sunday, 22 January 2012

DRINK - Douwe Egberts ground coffee packs

Coffee lovers, this post is for you! Over the past couple of months I've been trying out some coffee from Douwe Egberts. I went out and got a cafetiere and invited my work colleagues to help themselves to six new varieties of coffee. Read on or find out more on Facebook.

House Blend (Strength 3)  This is a great blend for everyday coffee, something you can drink at your desk at leisure. True coffee lovers mind find it a bit bland, but for me it was tasty and very easy to drink.

CafĂ© Milano (Strength 3) A laid-back blend with Italian charm. This wasn't cited as anyone's favourite, but was nice enough.

Flavourful Decaff (Strength 3) This was perfect for the office because one of my colleagues is actually allergic to caffeine. We all tried the decaff coffee and agreed there was no compromise on flavour, a good switch for anyone concerned about their caffeine intake.

Time Together (Strength 4) One of my co-workers said: "This coffee is quite nutty and smooth. Enjoyable with milk and very easy to drink as it isn’t bitter at all." I tried it too and found it to be quite enjoyable, even for a non-coffee drinker.

Morning Americano (Strength 5) designed to be drunk first thing in the morning, this coffee packs just enough punch to get your started.

Fired Up (Strength 6)  with dark-roasted beans and intense flavours this was a favourite of the more hardened coffee drinkers. Definitely a bit too strong for me, but if you like your coffee dark and strong it's a winner. One colleague said: "Fired Up’ packs a punch with deep, rich flavour. Surprisingly it isn’t bitter but it’s strength is in the strong, earthy taste. A wake up call and a half!"

We didn't have a coffee machine so I picked up a really inexpensive cafetiere at Debenhams.