Wednesday, 25 May 2011

STATIONERY - Tinc Takes Desks by Storm

At a recent press day a certain range caught my eye. It was colourful, it was fresh, it was fun... the name? Tinc. You can choose from 5 tinc hues at the moment, pink, green, blue, black and white. Pick your fave shade or colour block to your heart's content and you'll be ready to emulate the Tinc philosophy - Think, Inspire, Create. It's a revelation for desks everywhere which look tired and dull.

One of my favourite items from the range was the headphone splitter which comes in fabulous bright colours and a heart shape - swoon. The brand are also selling lanyards and water bottles which are great for festival season and a bit more exciting than the normal options.I'm also currently using a bendy blue pencil, it's just got an element of fun which creates a better space to work (or play).

The website is really fun too, I especially like the little chart tracking the popularity of each colour. If you want to see the goodies in the there is a recently opened store in Bath. Otherwise, head on over to the website to fill your basket with stationery goodness.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

FOOD - More 600 Calorie Dinners

In my pursuit of eating slightly better, avoiding unhealthy snacks and still being full up, I'm trying to stick to 600 calorie dinners. Here are a couple more I've had lately, and apologies for the use of convenience food. If I had more time I'd definitely make more from scratch but I'm a busy gal.

600 calorie dinner challenge

Sainsbury's vegetable lasagne with bistro salad, red pepper and a bread roll.

This was a really delicious dinner; totally satisfied my in the taste department and filled me up. The picture doesn't really do it justice I'll be honest but the salad is fab with crisp red pepper and beetroot to add some crunch and extra flavour. I was well on my way to five a day with this one.

600 calorie dinner challenge

Two cheesy baked potatoes with tinned tuna and celery.

This totally filled me up, in fact two potatoes was overkill. I put them on my plate because it came in at under 600 calories but I din't end up needing half the second one. This would be a great dinner if you were exercising as I was today. Lots of protein and carbs. Adding the celery to the tuna was an idea I got from New York. The deli's there seem to always serve tuna with celery and it's a great alternative to spring onion which I find too overpowering.