Thursday, 13 October 2011

GADGETS - Philips PerfectCare Iron Review

I hate ironing. In fact, I hate it so much that I rarely do it, perhaps twice a year I might break out the iron and tackle those creases. But when Philips got in touch to see if I wanted to give their PerfectCare Iron a go I figured I had best say yes. My boyfriend also encouraged me... but I think that's just so I could get started on his shirts.

Here's what the PerfectCare iron claims to do:
  • 100% effective on all fabrics, iron any fabric in any order without having to change the settings
  • Up to 2 hours of steam ironing from one tank of water
  • 100% safe on all ironable garments
  • The SteamGlide soleplate has great scratch resistance, excellent gliding and is easy to clean
  • Ready to use in 2 minutes
Philips PerfectCare Iron review

Being the good girlfriend that I am, I did start with his shirts and t-shirts. The claims that this iron glides over all fabrics easily are definitely true. It's a breeze! It did feel quite gentle on the shirts and t-shirts though and I think the overall finish could have been slightly better. Perhaps a few extra minutes taken over each garment would have resulted in perfection but I figured the quick method was good enough. Round 1... 7/10.

But to really put the claims to the test I decided to get out a silk dress that had been folded in a basket for months (it fits me again after a stint on Weight Watchers hurrah!) The dress is an ombre silk dress from Principles that I've had a while and to be honest I didn't even think I could iron it due to the shiny finish to the fabric, but after checking the label I saw that yes I could.

This is where the iron really becomes worth the money. There is only one heat setting but the claims say that it won't burn your clothing. I tentatively put the iron on the fabric and low-and-behold there was nothing but gentle steam and creaseless fabric. No nasty scorch marks, no dodgy patches. The fabric I was ironing was extremely light and thin and I was totally impressed with the results. Round 2... 10/10.

Philips PerfectCare Iron review
Philips PerfectCare Iron review
... and after.

The size of the steam generating part of the iron is pretty bulky, or at least I might struggle to store it inconspiculously in my tiny flat, but it is pretty quiet when in use and the iron itself isn't very heavy. As for the claims, yes it did heat up straight away, I didn't have to worry about changing fabrics and it does glide almost effortlessly. It's the fact that it makes ironing so much easier that means the £230-£280 price tag could be well worth it for those who don't want to feel like ironing is more of a chore than it needs to be.

So my verdict? This is the must-have accessory for the fashionista's wardrobe to keep those fabulous purchases looking their best. Will I be using it on his shirts? Probably not, life's too short to slave away ironing other people's clothes and frankly I'm selfishly saving this iron for all my special garments.

You can buy it at John Lewis.

Philips PerfectCare Iron review