Sunday, 24 April 2011

FURNITURE - Contemporary Style by Ligne Roset

I first saw the Ligne Roset brand at their Brighton store when it opened a few years back. You notice the furniture straight away because it doesn't just look the same as everyone else's. Their style of contemporary furniture featuring unusual colours is pretty unique and makes for a striking statement in any home.

The living room furniture is what I am most drawn to. I've got a thing for interesting sofas and Ligne Roset has plenty. Whether it's something in a bright, bold colour, something textured or something modular - you'll find it all at the brand's stores or online. I couldn't ever purchase a sofa that I couldn't lounge on, for me a sofa is first and foremost about comfort and style comes in a close second. A spacious or corner sofa unit is the style I love most and Ligne Roset have several with deep seat areas with room for putting your feet up.

Ligne Roset is definitely a luxury brand and the pieces are investments for your home which will pass the test of time. Sturdy, well-made and with plenty of design having gone into each and every item. When researching the company I was surprised to learn that it had been around since the 1930s, with such a modern look it's easy to forget the heritage that comes with it. But when you look down the timeline for the brand, you can see the influences from decades gone by which are still seen in pieces today. Much of the key items can be traced to pieces from the 1970s, an era that's very much in fashion again now, for fashion and homeware.

The website is handy for inspiration but also features useful room-planning software which can be downloaded for free. You can have a play and find out which furniture styles work best for your space before you commit to buy.

Ligne Roset isn't just available in the UK either, you'll also find they have US stores and plenty of locations across the rest of the world too selling designer furniture that's high on style and quality. Prices are at the higher end but you do get what you pay for. Ligne Roset have a team of brilliant designers on board creating new and inventive products for the home.

See a few of my top Ligne Roset furniture picks below...