Saturday, 18 December 2010

SHOPPING - A Print For my Wall

I've been looking for a print to go above my fireplace for 6 whole months and nothing has really stood out. Then I saw this and sent the link straight to my mum who was stuck for Christmas present ideas. All being well with delivery (silly snow) I will be hanging this picture up on my wall in the new year. It's just another example of the great home stuff that Bouf offer. Every email they send me makes me fall in love with yet another home accessory - it's dangerous for the bank balance.

View a close up of the print so you can read the text design.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

DRINK - A Festive Tipple or Two for Christmas

A great Christmas involves relaxing and enjoying yourself. In some households, it also involves a tipple or two - and mine is no exception.

Snowy Wales
Snowy Wales

Last weekend I got the festive season started by staying in a snowy lodge in Wales with my boyfriend and some friends. It was so cosy and the evenings were spent drinking, singing and playing games. Good old fashioned fun with no phone reception and no Twitter or blogging. Sometimes we all need a break, even from the things we love doing.
I was given a bottle of the new limited edition Sourz, spirited cranberry and apple flavour, and figured I'd get everyone's opinions on it and take it along. Because we are so classy we had our Sourz in sherry glasses. I quite liked it personally, I'm partial to the occasional cherry Sourz and this one did feel slightly festive. On its own it's a fun drink, but I also tried it in diet coke and it tasted just like an extra-tangy Dr Pepper. I think the verdict from the girls was a thumbs up although I think the boys weren't quite so keen.

The people at Sourz have also come up with some cocktail ideas which don't sound half bad... or you can create your own.

Unnamed Cocktail - (naming contest on :

  • Mix 2 shots Winter Limited Edition and 1/2 shot elderflower cordial
  • Pour in a glass filled with ice and a lime wedge
  • Top with equal parts apple juice and ginger ale


  • Tall glass filled with ice
  • 2 shots of Winter Limited Edition
  • Top up with apple juice and lemonade

Winter Warmer:

  • Tall glass filled with ice
  • 1 shot of Winter Limited Edition
  • 1 shot of vodka
  • Top up with cranberry juice

Also this week I also tried out a few different types of beer at an event with Beer Genie. I actually drink beer a lot more now than I used to, partly because I just enjoy the taste more and partly because the people I socialise with drink it. I'm always open to giving a new beer a go and give them a go I did. I discovered some of the festive varieties that brewers produce at this time of year.

From the different beers on offer my favourite was the Pickled Santa from Ridgeway brewing. It tasted quite fresh with a subtle cinnamon flavour and undertones of other warming spices. Another favourite was the Marks & Spencer Yorkshire Winter Ale which was very sweet and festive without a tang. Some of the beers are surprisingly strong, even up to 10% proof. For the stronger varieties I'd suggest one or two as a festive tipple would be more than enough. Do you have a tradition at Christmas of drinking festive beers? Which are your favourites.

And if you want to make your beer look super classy you'll be needing one of these... the BitterSweet partnership has collaborated with Amy Molyneaux, co-founder of PPQ, to create a gorgeous glass designed with female beer drinkers in mind. Amy created four unique half-pint designs and visitors to the BitterSweet Partnership website voted for their favourite style.  LYLA, a sleek black glass with an intricate gold pattern, was the outright winner and I love it! What do you think? You can buy one here.

Sunday, 5 December 2010