Sunday, 25 April 2010

FOOD - Cafe Gallipoli in London

Turkish grub on Upper Street

My sister and I stopped here for lunch at the weekend and I chose it simply because it had a spare table outside. I'm so glad we did choose it because the food was delicious. So full of flavour.

The 2 course lunch menu is worth every penny. My sister had a spicy kofte filled with cheese and I had the chicken with pitta and salad. To start we shared the most amazing dip with chunks of bread.

The staff are friendly and it's got a good vibe about it. I think being seated indoors might be a bit cramped though... all part of the bijoux charm I suppose.

Turkish grub on Upper Street
Turkish grub on Upper Street

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

PHOTOS - Why I love Sunshine

There are many reasons why I love the sunshine, but most of them were realised this weekend... My sister is with me for 2 weeks which makes it even better as I have someone to while away the days with. If only the weekends lasted longer. What did everyone else get up to while the sun shined? Let's be honest, it may not happen again for a while.

A taste of summer
A taste of summer
Carrot cake and diet coke at Crumpet on Wandsworth Common. 

A taste of summer
Crosswords, olives and Abbie's new shoes

A taste of summer
A taste of summer
The champagne, passoa, fruit juice and fizzy Vimto cocktails started well, and ended with a bit of a mess on my beautiful Habitat Sherbet throw come picnic rug

A taste of summer
Regents Park at lunchtime... gotta love it

A taste of summer
Hastings Old Town... how pretty is that!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

NEWS - April 2010 Product Gossip

has announced a series of new developments to their 2010 Catalogue iPhone app, following customer feedback. IKEA has redeveloped the app after inviting fans who had downloaded the app from the Apple iTunes Store to suggest ways the app could be improved via twitter, a phone hotline, email and on the App Store.

The latest version of the catalogue app, now features the most requested functionality, including:
  • Search function enabling customers to select products using keywords
  • Bookmarking, helping customers to save pages
  • Contents page, a colour coded index with links to main sections
Radox has launched a new line of antibacterial hand gels just in time for festival season. Whether you are heading off to Reading or wading through the mud at Glastonbury, these handy pocket size gels are the perfect survival essential for all festival goers this summer or if you are due to travel abroad this summer. Actually, I find them quite handy to have in your handbag too. The new varieties include:
  • Radox Clean & Protect contains tea tree oil and thyme
  • Radox Clean & Moisturise contains gentle chamomile and jojoba oil
  • Radox Clean & Refresh contains zingy lime and coriander.

Echo Falls are offering Britain’s girls next door a once in a lifetime chance to be the star of their very own advert viewed by almost 30 million people. To celebrate the launch of the new light and bubbly Pinot Grigio Spritz, the ads will be aired ahead of Come Dine With Me, throughout June, July and August

Female hopefuls aged 25 and over can put themselves forward as the perfect mix of sweetness and light, sparkle, fizz and freshness, to be in with a chance of getting top marks from the judges at Echo Falls.

To enter, visit, fill in the details, and then enter a few words as to why you believe you have got the sparkle. Finalists will be invited to London for a final casting and the winner will attend a full day shoot and feature in the Echo Falls adverts aired before the Come Dine with Me shows live on Channel 4 during June, July and August.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

NEWS - Bad Bediquette is Ruining Relationships

Betty.Jackson bed linen at Debenhams

Been getting enough sleep lately? Debenhams research has revealed that nearly three-quarters of the UK population have considered splitting from their partners because of bad bed etiquette. The research also showed that 78% of those questioned have considered moving house and 80% have thought about moving to the spare room.

Sleep-deprived shoppers admitted the detrimental effect that sharing a bed can have on relationships when asked whether or not they have an extra duvet to guard against a cover-hogging partner. This was in response to a 41% growth in sales of single duvets which traditionally sell in fewer numbers than doubles, and a 24% growth in sales of king size beds.

Men are the biggest culprits for bad bediquette, with 16% more men than women being identified as creating an uncomfortable sleeping environment for their partners. The most common bed offence was the 'tuck and roll', which is when the culprit holds onto the duvet and rolls onto their front, leaving their bed-buddy out in the cold.

Also a huge bugbear was the 'midnight shuffle', which is when one person insists on sleeping pressed against the other and when the victim shuffles away, the perpetrator follows them across the bed resulting in a 'cliff-hanger' situation.

Snoring, teeth grinding, kicking and fidgeting, and talking were the next most common night-time faux-pas keeping nearly three-quarters of Britons awake.

Jessica Alexander from The Sleep Council said: "Research shows that one in 10 couples currently have separate beds; however, one out of five would love to have their own bed if only their partner would suggest it.

"A really big bed and separate bedding might solve some of the problems but if sleeping habits are desperately different then separate beds or bedrooms is the only answer. You can still have all the cuddles and intimate moments before retiring to get a good night's sleep - without which your relationship just doesn't stand a chance."

Have you ever considered going to the spare room? I guess I'm lucky in that interrupted sleep doesn't bother me too much.