Sunday, 28 June 2009

BATHROOM - Soak Away The Blues

bathroom suite stylish bath
Moving house may not be a viable option. So why not update and reinvent your existing space with the Helios Suite and Argusto inset bath from the new Jacuzzi® Bathroom Collection. It’s time to create a calming space to unwind – a haven to retreat from the dramas of the day.

The new Helios Suite combines elegant styling with clean lines for a contemporary yet sophisticated look. Couple it with the ultra stylish Argusto bath for deep relaxation. The stunning double inset luxury bath has a bathing area with more than enough room for two, allowing for either end to end or side by side double bathing. With all this extra space to stretch your legs, you’ll soon forget the stresses of the day.

The Helios Suite is priced from £760 (RSP, inc VAT) including basin, back to wall WC pan, toilet seat, basin pedestal and push down waste. The Argusto Bath features a setting height of 56cm and a fully encapsulated baseboard for strength and rigidity. It is designed for inset installation only, priced £587 (RSP, inc VAT). It is a substantial price to pay, but a whole lot cheaper than moving house! I wish my bathroom looked like the one pictured.

For further details telephone 01782 717175 or visit:

Thursday, 25 June 2009

SHOPPING - Sale Bargains at Cath Kidston

Make sure your child is the envy or their friends when going back to school with a lunchbox from Cath Kidston. Cute as a button and practical too, who could resist it? And did I mention there is a sale on; if you get there quick you will pay just £7 instead of the usual £11.99. I also love the cushion below, which would be great for a kid's bedroom, and that includes those belonging to big kids like me too.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

TIPS - Caring for Lawns in Summer

As a nation we are spending more and more of our valuable leisure time tending to our gardens. But according to leading lawn care experts TruGreen, despite our obsession with our gardens, most of us still don’t mow our lawns nearly enough during the summer months.

TruGreen technical expert Andy White says; “Mowing higher but more frequently at the moment will improve the quality and appearance of your lawn.”

“At the moment our lawns are growing faster than at any other time of the year and the grass plant naturally puts all its energy in to growing taller. So for the next few weeks try mowing your lawn as often as you can, around twice a week if possible, but keep the height around 1½ to 2 inches. This will train your grass to put its energy into producing a thicker, stronger grass plant, rather than just growing taller.”

“In no time at all you should start to see an improvement, with the lawn achieving better ground coverage and a healthier appearance. It also has the added benefit of making it harder for any weeds to get through.”

“Another tip which makes a real difference to your lawn is to keep the blade on your mower sharp. A blunt blade will damage the grass plant and leave it susceptible to disease where as a sharp blade leaves a nice clean cut.”

TruGreen has over 50 specialists nationwide. For more information or to find your nearest expert call 0800 021 3074 or visit

Saturday, 13 June 2009

EVENT - The Wealden Times Midsummer Fair

country fair
Yesterday my mum and I trundled off for the afternoon to the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair, held at a farm, out in the sticks near Tenterden. Getting there was an interesting feat in itself as while we were driving along, we were confronted with a pregnant cow on a mission to walk down the middle of the road - two rather stressed looking farmers were following behind, trying to minimise the potential damage.

But anyway, back to the Fair. It was quite a small affair; 3 large tents with local traders selling all wonder of beautiful things - none of it quite as cheap as I had hoped - but all providing oodles of inspiration. There was also a large book barn and a tea tent. Exhibitor highlights included:
My sister also came along and bought a fab little button and fabric hair slide (from a children's retailer). She is drawn to all things cute and child-like, but she is training to be a primary school teacher, so that kind of figures. Tea was served in pretty china teacups, with every type of cake on sale. My sister and I opted to sample the organic vegetable bhajis though and they were delicious served smothered in home-made mango chutney and lime pickle!

The event continues today (Saturday 13 June) and would certainly be worth a look next year if quaint crafts and countryside folk are your thing. Make sure you check out the book barn, where talks from authors are scheduled throughout the day, including on the Friday one by Jo Fairley, co-founder of Green & Blacks, who now owns Judges Bakery and the Wellington Square Natural Health Centre in Hastings - something she juggles alongside her career as a journalist and author.

I took photos of the pretty things I saw. I loved the rustic, laid-back charm of the displays and products being sold. It is country chic at its finest.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

SERVICE - The Lock In for London

alcohol drink service party
Ever been half way through a party and run out of booze? Or even just suddenly had a craving for something late at night? If you live in London, there is a service that was designed especially for you.

All you do, is phone or text The Lock In and make your request. In most areas of London you can expect your goods to arrive within 30 minutes. Panic over! Your guests will never know that you ran out of their favourite spirit. The service starts from 6pm and is available through the night until 6am. It is just a shame they can't tidy up after the party too!

Visit to find out more.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

SHOPPING - My Latest Bargain

I often wander round the charity shops on my lunch break, partly because I know that I cannot do too much damage to my bank balance. On today's trip I found something really sweet that I just had to buy and, considering the price tag was a tiny £1.99, there was no guilt trip for buying it.

I also kept seeing brooches I liked too. I am thinking I should start collecting them but perhaps should wait until I move and have a bit more space. Don't forget to check out Mary Queen of Charity Shops which starts tonight and can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer.