Monday, 2 November 2009

TIPS - The Domestic Secrets of Janet Ellis

Entertaining at home is now more popular than ever as the credit crunch takes its effect, but 80 per cent of mums said they would be embarrassed if someone came round and their house wasn’t looking at its best*.

TV presenter and mum of three, Janet Ellis, is one of those lucky few who makes running a tip-top home look easy. She's presented a series of home and garden makeover shows and knows how to make a home look inviting. Janet has teamed up with Zoflora disinfectant to share her top five home secrets to save money, without compromising on standards.


Half of all Brit’s agree that smell is the first thing they notice when they walk into someone’s house and a further two thirds admit to having a friend whose house smells unpleasant*. Before running for the aerosols and plug-in air fresheners to hide bad odours, stop and think what be could causing the smell? A regular cleaning routine should remove most unpleasant aromas. Look for products that kill bacteria and eliminate odour.


When looking for a new home, light bright airy rooms are at the top of the most wanted list. Illuminate your home by using colour; neutral and pale shades are best for making rooms feel more spacious. Mirrors also can make rooms feel bigger and brighter – reflect natural light by placing them adjacent to windows. Finally if your home does not get much natural light you can cheat with clever lamps and lighting. Halogen bulbs are intensive and bright whereas energy saving bulbs give out relaxed cool tones. Candles provide soft lighting and a warm relaxing atmosphere.

Buy Wisely and Save Time

A few well chosen cleaning products that do a variety of jobs will save you time and money. Choose a multi-purpose spray that can be used all round the home. A good quality disinfectant like Zoflora will keep floors and hard surfaces hygienically clean and your home fresh and fragrant. With thirteen scents available there’s a choice for every home. Another “must have” product is a micro fibre cloth. These clever cloths remove the need for polishes and glass sprays. Using a few trusted products will speed up your cleaning routine as you won’t be running back and forth to the cleaning cupboard.


Minimalist living can only be achieved by the very few. The rest of us have homes full of precious memories and possessions. Picking the right storage will enhance your home as clear, tidy surfaces make rooms feel airy and your home will be easier to clean. Don’t sacrifice style for functionality – you’ll only end up resenting the big ugly plastic box in the corner. Choose natural materials for storage such as wood, leather or sea-grass box, which are sturdy and attractive and give you a sense of organisation and control.

Be Creative – Accessorise!

Accessories can make all the difference. Cushions and throws can really enhance a room, while vases and pictures let you display your own style and personality. Choose accessories with harmonious colours to help create a soothing atmosphere. Fresh flowers can also add a splash of colour, aroma and indulgence. Remember with accessories “less is more” - over-crowding your rooms will only make your home look cluttered.

Janet Ellis said: “A home should be a sanctuary from the outside stresses of the world, where you can relax, unwind and spend time with family and friends. That’s why I’m sharing my secrets to make quick, easy and cost-effective changes that will really help you freshen your home and your mood and make your home sparkle.”

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