Thursday, 22 October 2009

DIET - Nosh Detox Diary, Day 4

Read all about my 6 day diet plan using Nosh Detox each day... (more info here).


Breakfast this morning was granola with soy milk. It was nice as it had fruit in, but not so sure about the seeds, I seem to only like them when covered with salty seasoning. Not good for me I know.

About 11am... superfood shot time.

healthy detox menu

Today's lunch was a lovely heap of quinoa mixed in with Mediterranean vegetables. It was filling enough for lunch and tasty too. Just like something I would bring to work myself, if I had the time to prepare it the night before.

My afternoon snack was not juice today, I had the pleasure of dried cranberries and raisins.

For dinner today I enjoyed a generous portion of Chicken and Chickpea Cassoulate with rice. This was completely satisfying. It didn't feel like detox food at all. I was worried that after working late I would be tempted to grab something on the way home, but I resisted and managed to wait till 7.30pm for my grub.


Nothing, absolutely nothing. Feeling positively saintly.

Today's tea:

An unusual one that I'd not heard of. Astragalus tea which is reported to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. That's gotta be good for you.

Today's scrub:

Jasmine Flower Sea Salts to soothe skin.

Overall mood:

Can you tell my mood's improved. Today didn't feel like a struggle at all. No headaches, no hunger pangs and no cravings for chocolate or diet coke. I'm even starting to think I'll give up caffeine entirely... 2 days ago I would have never said that. This food part of the diet is much easier to stick to the liquid part of the diet, and I'm really hoping my stomach is starting to shrink a bit.