Sunday, 30 August 2009

FOOD - Leggera Making with Pizza Express

I love pizza as much as the next girl, or perhaps even a bit more. So when I was invited to sample the Leggera menu at Pizza Express, and have a go at making my own, I jumped at the chance.

The idea behind the Leggera, is to get the best of both worlds and save a few calories in the process. Eating out once in a while for a treat is fine, but if you are lunching or eating with friends all the time then you need an option that doesn't weigh you down (or up your weight). The Leggera is a pizza with a whole in the middle filled with a tasty green salad and each variety is only around 500 calories. Great news for anyone watching their waistline.

pizza express diet menu Italian foodImage Credit: pristyles on

Above is my attempt at making a Vitabella Leggera, which includes toppings of yellow and red peppers and asparagus topped with some lovely mozzarella. I was lucky enough to be taught by the master himself, Pizza Express Executive Development Chef, Antonio Romani.

pizza express diet menu Italian food
And after some cooking this is what you get... a very tempting looking Vitabella Leggera pizza, which tastes great and is practically guilt free. The name Vitabella means 'Good Life' in Italian and also made on the night were the Gustosa and the Margherita. I tried these and some tasty new flavours coming soon to the menu all of which have plenty of flavour but don't feel too naughty.

There are some other diet-friendly items on the menu at Pizza Express such as frozen yoghurt and crostini - the latter of which I also tried. Anything with balsamic syrup on has my vote! So if you are looking for a lighter bite, then head over to Pizza Express and give the Leggera menu a try.