Tuesday, 17 February 2009

PETS - Dog Friendly Places to Stay

pets dogs and hotels
Dog Friendly offers members more than 10,000 venues where pet dogs are welcomed as warmly as their owners. And now with the launch of the Dog Friendly books you can have on hand all the places to go and stay with your dogs.

More and more people are now holidaying in the UK, and there has never been a better time for hotels opening up their doors to our canine friends. The cost of putting your dog in kennels can can reduce your holiday spending money significantly.

Log on to www.dogfriendly.co.uk and fill out the registration form to become a member - the 3 options are outlined below.

Full Member plus any one Book - £9.99
Full Member - £5.99
Guest Member - Free (As a registered guest member, you will only be able to search our Dog Friendly places to stay databases by County)

Dog Friendly have also now launched a series of 5 paperback books:
  • Dog Friendly Camping and Caravan Sites - £9.99
  • Dog Friendly Hotels - £9.99
  • Dog Friendly Pubs - £5.99
  • Dog Friendly Days Out - £5.99
  • Dog Friendly Beaches - £5.99
Special launch offer – Buy all 5 books for £32.95

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