Wednesday, 28 January 2009

HEALTH - The Cold War

health cold and flu remedyRuby Wax

As winter returns the ‘Cold War’ is back with vengeance. However, men may be crying into their tissues as they receive the cold shoulder from their other half, reveals a poll on sympathy levels towards sickness, commissioned by Lemsip Max All in One.

52 per cent of women say genuine sympathy towards their ailing partner only lasts five minutes and 18 per cent are actively unsympathetic. They are also less likely to forfeit going out with friends (only 56 per cent will) or take a day off work (only 19 per cent will) to play nursemaid. In contrast, 70 per cent of men claim to be sympathetic, a generous 73 per cent will forfeit going out with friends to mop their partner’s brow and 37 per cent will take a day off work to look after a loved one with the cold or flu.

More than 1,300 men and women nationwide, all in a relationship or married, took part in the survey. Both sexes agreed that a fever deserves the most sympathy (56 per cent) and a throaty cough the least.

When you’ve got just five minutes of genuine sympathy, what do cold and flu experts at Lemsip advise?
  • Try and be patient; remember people have different pain thresholds!
  • Make sure they are resting and sitting or lying comfortably
  • Ensure they have everything they need, close to hand
  • Reassure them they’ll feel better soon
  • Offer a fast-acting cold and flu remedy like Lemsip Max All in One Sachets, which can treat all major symptoms of cold and flu.

Celebrity Cold & Flu Commentator, Ruby Wax says “Everyone likes to think that women are the ones that can always offer a sympathetic ear, and they are the most caring and considerate sex. The survey results are therefore surprising, who would have thought men would come out on top as the most sympathetic sex when it comes to offering a kind word or two to a partner suffering with a cold or flu!”

cold flu remedy
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