Tuesday, 27 January 2009

BEDROOM - Shiny Silver Bedlinen

silver metallic bed linen marks and spencerJaquard Rose Bedlinen - Marks & Spencer - from £15

There is a definite shift towards the furturistic at the moment, particularly in music and fashion. That is one reason why I love this silver bedlinen from Marks & Spencer, and also because I am a magpie for anything shiny. It doesn't have to work within a futuristic look though, it also works within a modern glamour scheme.

silver metallic bed linen marks and spencer
Linen Rich Metallic Bed Cover - £75

The metallics just seem to scream luxury to me. Some would argue that grey and silver are too cold for a bedroom, but I personally love grey bedlinen, especially as it is not too feminine in a room shared by a man and a woman. I hate chintzy florals and love sleek, old school, glamour which this silver bed set embody.


Since posting this silver bed linen post it's remained one of my most popular, but the above lines are now out of stock. I've searched around and found a few more styles below...