Friday, 12 December 2008

OFFER - Berry Nice Cocktails

Pixley Berries, the Herefordshire-based fruit farm, will be selling all three of its blackcurrant-based cordials at 20% off (now £2.39 per 50cl bottle) in Waitrose for all of December 2008.

Pixley cordials are very lightly filtered and brim with fresh fruit flavours, making them excellent for children and grown-ups alike.

Pixley Bramble: Muddle the juice from one half of a small lemon (about 20ml) with 30ml Pixley Berries Blackcurrant & Scottish Raspberry cordial. Then measure 40ml each of aromatic gin and tonic water into the glass. Add ground fresh mint and crushed ice and stir. Garnish with raspberries.

Pixley’s blackcurrant-based cordials can also tickle your tastebuds when blended with sparkling or crisp white wines such as Cavas, Prosecco or Muscadet. Just a dash of cordial creates a wonderful celebratory rosé sparkler.

Pixley’s Spritzer: Whether you are under 18 or just after a refreshing long drink, this one is for you (and it is simple to make by the jug, too!) Just add some fresh mint to 30ml Pixley Berries Blackcurrant cordial and top up with lashing of ginger ale before stirring and serving.

Find out more at the Pixley Berries website