Sunday, 7 December 2008

FLOORING - Cut a Rug up

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A rug is an easy way to give your room a quick update. Not only that, they can provide warmth and comfort, which in the middle of winter is much appreciated. Prices can get expensive if you are looking for something one-off, but machine made rugs are reasonable. Probably less expensive than a new pair of curtains, anyway.

You can get rugs in so many different styles, colours and shapes nowadays that the options really are endless. You can get something safe which blends in, or opt for a statement piece which is more like art than a floor covering. Here are some other tips...

  • Go for natural if the rug is for a well walked on area such as a hall way. Runners near doorways will benefit from being in a hardier material to ensure they last as long as they should.
  • For a living room or bedroom, go for something softer and more comfortable, that you would be happy to sit or lounge on.
  • If you are feeling eco-conscious, try a rug in recycled materials. A rag rug can still be a stylish choice and many companies now offer environmentally friendly choices.
  • When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, non slip is a must. Rubber backed rugs are ideal or get some Foxi which goes under your rug and prevents movement.
  • Avoid vegetable dyed rugs as they can suffer from colour transfer when wet.

GAFF is a great little shop in Brighton that I pass on my way to the station every day. They always have a great mix of modern rugs that catch my eye. This orange rug is really tactile and cheerful.

A6 Sparkle Copper - GAFF - From £75

If you are looking for something quirky and original then look no further than John Pour Home. You will find hand cut, felt typographical rugs that make a real statement.

Or if you are the creative type with some time on your hands, you could try something inventive like this rug made from ties.

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