Monday, 17 November 2008

DRINK - Glacéau Vitaminwater...How Refreshing!

Do you spend all day rushing around only to fall in a heap by dinner time? Perhaps you need a way to refuel and fill your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Glacéau Vitaminwater is an active lifestyle drink from New York and you can now get it here in the UK. There are 6 flavours to try, each made with spring water and a combination of vitamins to give you a boost when you need it most.

Naturally, I decided it was best to put them to the test and report my findings to The Style PA readers.

Power-C - dragonfruit (c+b's)
This was the panel's definite favourite. A great flavour that just makes you want to drink more and more. The vitamins are an added bonus to help you feel a bit more 'on the ball'.

Essential - orange-orange (c+calcium)
This is great as an alernative to your usual breakfast drink to help kick start your day. The orange is subtle but pleasant enough. Smokers will benefit from the hit of vitamin c to replace lost nutrients.

Spark - tropical citrus (b+guarana)
My tester loved this flavour, as it is really fresh and zingy. This one has natural caffeine and guarana so would suit a gym goer who needs some fuel for a good workout.

Multi-V - lemonade (b+zinc)
The lemonade vitamin water was pretty subtle, so if you are not much a a fruit fan then this is the one for you. It also has various vitamins in so is a good all round drink to pep you up.

Revive - fruit punch (b+potassium)
A really tasty and refreshing flavour perfect for a morning or lunchtime pick me up. A great alternative to a glass of 'nutrient empty' squash

Defence - raspberry-apple (c+zinc)
Feeling under the weather? This one is perfect for you. Essential vitamin c packed in a comforting apple and raspberry drink. Forget Lucozade and get some nutrients and the water that your body requires to help flush out those nasties.

The drinks are best enjoyed straight from the fridge, or in a glass with ice. Remember though that these are designed to give you a boost so watch the sugar content. One bottle a day should be all you need to get a body and mind boost. Swap you calorific soft drinks and energy drinks for a Vitaminwater and feel the benefit. Even 50 Cent is grabbing a piece of the action (watch the advert below)