Tuesday, 25 November 2008

TREAT - Welcome to Hotel Chocolat

The weather is miserable, but the good part about that is we no longer have to feel guilty about staying in and getting cosy with a cup of hot chocolate. Don't settle for any mug of choc though, you deserve something a bit special.

Hotel Chocolat is the place to go, with several varieties of their Liquid Chocolat which I have been trying out at The Style PA HQ. These are really versatile hot chocolate drinking flakes that taste pretty amazing. Not only that, Hotel Chocolat trade ethically and use nothing but the best ingredients for their luxurious products cutting out excess sugar wherever possible and replacing it with yummy cocoa.

Liquid Chocolat comes in 6 tempting flavours: Classic, Milky, Aztec Chilli, Caramel Kiss Mix, Valencia Orange and Macho. There are also cute selection packs if you can't decide on just one. I am a fan of the Milky as it has added malt and is perfect for iced milk drinks too.

The drinking chocolate flakes can also be used to make a sauce for desserts or you can sprinkle them onto your ice cream or use in baking. I urge you to explore the recipe section of the Hotel Chocolat website. There is no better way to indulge yourself or a friend this season. Mr Style PA thought Liquid Chocolat was the best thing since sliced bread and I must admit I am inclined to agree. I know what to fill his stocking with this Christmas!

Why not check out some of the other fabulous gift ideas on the Hotel Chocolat website. I can recommend the monthly tasting club where a box of yummy chocolates arrives at your door each month for you to sample. The chocolate slabs and crackers are also a great idea. Diets don't start till January after all!

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