Wednesday, 30 April 2008

IDEAS - Stair Storage

Many of us could do with just a bit more storage and sometimes the best places are not immediately obvious. If you have wooden stairs that are not carpeted, why not pop some drawers into the lower risers. It will take a decent carpenter to do it, I would not recommend getting the sledgehammer out yourself, but it can provide that handy space to put things in your hall.

One important point though, make sure you shut the drawers properly after use or you could end up in a heap at the bottom. Get inspired with the photos below...

Photo Credit: .scarlet.'s photostream on

Maximum use of the space is achieved by putting 2 drawers in each step. I am not too keen on the handles, but the wood that has been used is sleek and modern.

Photo Credit: Ctd 2005 on

The actual stairs have not been used in this example, but every inch of the under stair area has. Drawers are in many ways more useful than a cupboard. It is far too easy to throw things into the back of a cupboard but these drawers enable some proper organisation.

Photo Credit: TelegraphArt on

An artist's take on the stair storage idea. If you have bold taste you could paint each drawer front on your stairs a different colour. It would certainly make a statement.

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Don't forget the sides of the stairs if yours are not boxed in. You will be able to fit narrower, deeper drawers into this area.

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